Satellites & spacecraft recruitment

Satcom network operators

These major enterprises provide engineers with opportunities for personal development and career progression. Much is at stake in the launch and operation of satellites, and the operators’ response to the risk is to require the highest standard of engineering.

What we do

For space segment, payload, ground segment, terrestrial IP network and spectrum management we source spacecraft operators, spacecraft engineers, mission planners, radio frequency engineers, IP network engineers and infrastructure systems admin.

Why we’re valued?

Our long-term relationships with sector professionals, and consistent provision of talent for clients distinguishes us.


Space missions

The variety of space missions presents candidates with different opportunities. Sectors supported include telecom, shipping- aircraft- vehicular-navigation, weather, space debris, and earth observation. Each of these pose unique engineering challenges.

What we do

We source the people that respond to these challenges; whether AOCS & GNC engineering, relaying massive volumes of data, re-tasking payloads, or the real-time delivery of comms in natural disaster situations.

Why we’re valued

Working as an extension of your company, we introduce to candidates the real opportunity behind the job description. In our experience this is often not highlighted.


Spacecraft manufacturers

From LEO to GEO satellites, we provide services to large manufacturers providing families of satellites, through to small manufacturers that may build and operate their own birds.

What we do

Whether the requirement is specialists for individual spacecraft payload or platform subsystems, we have a network and database of engineering discipline specialists.

Why we’re valued

We’re respected for our knowledge of engineering lifecycles and disciplines from hardware, software and mechanical through to digital engineering through test, integration, implementation, engineering management and through-life support.