Candidate services

NMR Tech Recruit are a gateway to job opportunities in the sector. Whether you are from outside the industry and looking for a challenging and different place to practice your profession, or a space sector professional, we are here to help.

We are a permanent search and short-term recruitment services provider.

We place expert professionals in:

Satellite & spacecraft manufacturers and operators

Satellite data & technology services providers

Consulting & contracting services


Confidential chat

During the decade NMR’s founder has been in the space sector, it has developed and grown. From our industry viewpoint, we can offer career advice.

We’re available for a confidential chat. In fact, we encourage it. A conversation early in your thinking can help you elevate your readiness.


Expert advice on CV & interviewing

Engineers, like everyone else, tend to be time-starved. Their everyday is concerned with the systems they design, build and operate and then getting home, resting and starting the journey to work again. They focus on continually developing their knowledge, skills and experience to stay current and get ahead.

Some do not have the time to analyse their professional career experiences and their aspirations and to craft a story they are comfortable delivering in a relaxed manner.

We’re really good at this. It’s what we do. We can guide, coach or provide a few tips whichever you wish.

Video: Improving an experienced engineer's CV .

Video: Interview preparation for engineers



As most space sector professionals already know, relocation is a feature of the sector.  Candidates are often required to relocate.

In our experience, more than 65% of candidates in the sector relocate across the UK’s four nations and from outside the UK.

We draw on deep experience of this activity, having worked abroad ourselves. We understand the care required for visa processes, and we are constantly supporting candidates with the measures necessary to ensure success and equally to avoid failure.



Candidates and clients frequently comment on the welcome differences they notice in our approach and behaviours. Our values are the foundation for our service. We believe in diversity, fairness, honesty, integrity, plain-speaking and responsibility.

Our most important value is our respect for engineers and engineering. In our view, in contrast to countries like Germany, the UK does not celebrate its engineers and engineering enough