Client services

The business delivers permanent search and short-term recruitment services. We place expert professionals in:

        Satellite & spacecraft manufacturers and operators

        Satellite data & technology services providers

        Consulting & contracting services

Clients value our engineering sector knowledge, sector expertise and professional service delivery. They also value the staying power when occasionally the going gets tough or things change.


Just in time or partnership

Clients engage us for occasional senior or specialist appointments or we work regularly together. Working regularly leads us to gravitate towards partnership type relationships. The relationships are lean and focused, pivoting on our knowledge and understanding of a client's workplace culture, goals, challenges and mission.


National & International

We operate in the UK market and internationally sourcing in-country nationals or expat.


Relocation & visas

In our experience, more than 65% of candidates in the sector relocate across the UK's four nations and from outside the UK.

We draw on deep experience of this activity, having worked abroad ourselves. We understand the care required for visa processes, and we are constantly supporting candidates with the measures necessary to ensure success. Our aim is to get it right first time, everytime, and we invest the due diligence required.



Clients and candidates frequently comment on the welcome differences they notice in our approach and behaviours. Our values are the foundation of our service. We believe in diversity, fairness, honesty, integrity, plain-speaking and responsibility.

Our most important value is our respect for engineers and engineering. In our view, in contrast to countries like Germany, the UK does not celebrate its engineers and engineering enough.