Consulting & contracting

Grant bids & proposals

Deploying a specialist consultant reduces the timeframe required to prepare and write a bid, minimises the pressure on, and volume of, oversight from stakeholders and it significantly increases success rates.

What we do

We provide consultants specialised in bid preparation. They’re accustomed to the unspoken cultural nuances and expectations of grant authorities in the UK & Europe. They’ve won and then project managed delivery giving them a 360 view.

Why we’re valued?

We provide options to businesses wanting to expand qualified business opportunity, within a controlled budget and without increasing head-count.


Specialist expertise

Whether for a project surge during testing or when specialist expertise is required for a short intervention, we have established connections and reach to experts.

What we do

We’re a trusted partner when maturity and earnestness is required.

Why we’re valued

For contractors we’re a reliable business partner, providing a channel to market and responding to invoices in a timely fashion, first time and every time.